Upgrade Instructions

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Upgrading from Version 2.3.1 or Earlier

BrewBlogger 2.3.2 incorporates a wide range of improvements and fixes. See the official BrewBlogger website for details.

Step 1: Upgrade the Database

IF you are upgrading from a version previous to 2.3.1, you must first install all previous SQL upgrades IN SEQUENCE. These are included in this package in the sql_upgrade folder.

  1. Access your BrewBlog's database (via phpMyAdmin or shell access).
  2. Import or copy/paste the information contained in each of the upgrade documents up to and including the 2.3.2_upgrade.sql document (there is no SQL upgrade for All can be found in the sql_upgrade folder. This will update your database's structure and insert relevant data.

Step 2: Upload the New Files

As this release affected the code across multiple pages, you should replace ALL of your BrewBlogger related folders and files on your web server.

If you have made changes to any code, be sure to back up the affected files and compare with the files in this BrewBlogger version.

Step 3: Log In

BrewBlogger uses encrypted passwords. You need to login using a default password to access admin if upgrading from any version previous to 2.0.2.

  1. Open your BrewBlogger site.
  2. Click "Login" on the toolbar.
  3. In the username field, enter admin.
  4. For the password field, enter user.
  5. This will take you to BrewBlogger's administration section.
  6. Once you've accessed the admin section, and if you're upgrading from a version previous to 2.0.2, you will need to update all username/password combinations by clicking the Edit icon beside each user in the Manage Users page.

Step 4: Update Site Preferences

This version adds many new features, including mash profiles, water profiles, etc. Administrators can decide whether to use the provided mash and water profiles or to continue using log-by-log mash and water profiles. Also, administrators can customize menu names for common areas of their installation.

  1. In the admin section, roll over General in the navigation bar.
  2. Choose Edit Preferences from the list.
  3. Adjust your preferences.

Step 5: Update Personal Defaults and Info

New in BrewBlogger 2.3 is the ability of each user of your installation to designate their personal defaults for mash profile, water profile, equipment profile, method, batch size, and bitterness formula. If you are administering a club version, you should post these directions as a news item.

  1. Log in and access the administration section.
  2. Under General on the main admin page, click "Edit Personal Defaults and Info."
  3. Designate your default values. These defaults can be overridden at the time of recipe or brew log entry.