Change Log
November 18, 2010

Version 2.3.2

  • Added he ability to enter up to 15 grains and 15 hops into recipes and logs - that's 6 more than previous for each.
  • Enhanced the hop bitterness calculator. Now users can input up to 20 hop additions. The cacluations now take into account whether pellets or whole hops are being used according to user-defined "pellet factor."
  • Completely reworked the printing feature. Now outputs cleaner, more user-friendly pages.
January 19, 2010

Version 2.3.1

  • Added a hydrometer correction calculator (thanks to Kevin Masaryk for this one).
  • Added the ability to update logs or recipes as "Featured" (admins only) or "Archived" from a single screen.
  • Added the ability to narrow lists of logs or recipes by style by clicking on the style name
August 13, 2009

Version 2.3.0

  • Added automatic detection of mobile browsers.
  • Added customizable Mash Profiles with multiple steps; 20 pre-loaded profiles.
  • Added customizable Water Profiles; 9 pre-loaded profiles.
  • Added customizable Yeast Profiles; 170 pre-loaded yeast strain profiles from 13 laboratories.
  • Added customizable Equipment Profiles; 10 pre-loaded profiles.
  • Updated BrewBlog and Recipe database tables conform to BeerXML standard.
  • Updated Miscellaneous ingredient table to conform to BeerXML standard.
  • Added ability to import BeerXML files into a BrewBlog.
  • Augmented BeerXML output to scan and replace non-XML-compliant characters.
  • Added ability to display "featured" recipes or BrewBlogs at the top of lists.
  • Added ability to archive recipes or BrewBlogs.
  • Added customizable menu text.
  • Added more refined ingredient administration for fine-tuning of recipe formulation.
  • Reworked water amounts calculator for more accuracy.
  • Added user-level defaults for equipment profiles, mash profiles, water profiles, boil time, batch size, and bitterness formula.
  • Added SRM/EBC calculation and display.
  • Added two new, wider-formated themes: Haze and Midas.
  • Tightened up CSS display for all themes for consistency; partitioned universal and html elements to their own CSS files.
September 10, 2008

Version 2.2

  • Added BeerXML import functionality thanks to Oskar Stephens' nifty script.
  • Improved BeerXML exporting function to be ultra-compliant with the standard.
  • Added News/Announcement posting capability (administrator users only in Club Mode) for one-way communication with members.
  • Re-engineered the brewing calendar feature to fix bug issues.
  • Augmented user profiles to include more personal data.
  • Updated style database to 2008 BJCP Guidelines.
  • Improved iconography throughout both public and administrative areas.
  • Added a "Print Contest Entry" function that emulates the official BJCP sanctioned contest entry forms. No more writing everything out by hand.
  • Added a "Quick Edit" feature to allow users, once logged in, to edit a log or recipe when viewing it on the "public" side.
August 31, 2008

BrewBlogger Version 2.1.x or earlier SQL Injection Patch

  • Fixed a security hole where a misguided yet talented individual could force insertion of an administrative user in an effort to sabotage an Internet-based installation of BrewBlogger.
  • To remedy this, download this patch, unzip it, and replace the file called "" in your BrewBlogger installation's [root]/includes/ folder. The patch is also available from Google Code.
  • Applies to any version of BrewBlogger prior to version 2.2.
November 14, 2007

Version (Bug Fix Release)

  • Fixed recipe calculation error when using metric measures.
  • Fixed broken image display on all affected pages.
  • Fixed current BrewBlog display to key off of brew date and not record ID.
November 9, 2007

Version 2.1.0

  • Added recipe calculation and recipe/BrewBlog re-calculation functionality.
  • Added individual or club brewing calendar display based upon brew date, fermentation duration, and aging duration.
  • Added tracking of BrewBlog or recipe competition entries and awards.
  • Added two new out-of-the-box themes, stylized theme-specific buttons, and new, more colorful icons.
  • Added direct links from the application administration area to BrewBlogger's SourceForge help forums, bug tracking, and feature requests.
  • Added home page designation to preferences.
  • Fixed user permission-level bugs experienced by installations running on PHP version 4.x.
August 11, 2007

Version 2.0.2

  • Release includes both the original Personal Edition and a Club Edition that allows for multiple users to use a single installation.
  • Club Edition features include:
    • Dual level permissions for members: Administrators (i.e., ÜberUsers) and Users.
    • Tracking of BrewBlogs, recipes, brew status, and upcoming brews by user.
    • Filtering of recipes, brew status, and upcoming brews by user.
  • Added brewer or club logo display on Profile page.
  • Added link to recipe to use in upcoming brews display.
  • Added export BrewBlog recipe to recipes database functionality.
  • Added copy recipe functionality.
  • Added export to SQL functionality.
May 1, 2007

Version 2.0.1

  • Updated Water Amounts Calculator to feature more accurate equation set.
  • Added Plato to Specific Gravity calculator to Tool Suite.
  • Added grain/extract grist percentage display on BrewBlog and Recipe pages.
  • Added hop AAU amount display on BrewBlog and Recipe pages.
  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • BrewBlog listing sorting by name instead of date.
    • Display of unsightly colored bar in Recipe list if no SRM value entered.
    • Negative ABV values display if OG/FG values missing.
    • Styles not sorting on Recipe List
    • Display of comma in Upcoming Brew column if no date entered.
    • Sorting of Administration BrewBlog list.
    • "Source" display on Recipe detail pages.
    • Mislabel of "AAU" on hops list – should be AA.
March 25, 2007

Version 2.0

  • Very near a complete re-work of all code to make the application more scalable, leaner, and more efficient. Hence the jump from v1.4 all the way to 2.0.
  • Conversion to nearly-pure CSS (although some html tables are still used) for layout, allowing for more flexibility in designing themes and greater consistency of look and feel.
  • Added Brew Status and Upcoming Brews display.
December 1, 2006

Version 1.4

  • Added tasting review functionality for all brews logged
  • Added two new calculators to the suite:
    • Force Carbonation Calculator
    • Priming Sugar Calculator
  • Added three new, stylized themes.
  • Added sort and filter capabilities to reference pages.
  • Improved iconography throughout the admin section.
  • Improved preferences section - now the administrator can dictate which sections will be displayed on log and recipe pages.
  • Replaced printing and exporting text links with buttons.
September 10, 2006

Version 1.3.1

  • Corrected all reported bugs.
  • Added Tools section in Admin.
  • Added Efficiency and PPG reporting.
  • Upgrade instructions (from BB 1.3):
    • Download the entire package.
    • Add the entire "tools" directory to the admin folder.
    • Replace the entire "includes" directory to the admin folder.
    • Replace these files in the "admin" folder: addBrew.php, editBrew.php, editRecipe.php.
    • Import the BB1.3.1_update.sql file into the database.
    • Replace these files in the root folder: index.php, logView.php, recipes.php, output_beer_xml.php, output2_beer_xml.php, recipeView.php, printLog.php, printRecipe.php, printRecipe2.php.
August 6, 2006

Version 1.3

  • Added over 60 additional fields to brew blog database tables to comply with the Beer XML standard.
  • Added over 60 additional fields to recipe database tables to mirror brew blog database tables.
  • Added Beer XML export for recipes and logs.
  • Added recipe to brew blog import capability - no need to retype information.
  • Expanded reference section to include 78 hops varieties, 80 malts and grains, and a carbonation chart.
  • Added the ability to customize hop, malt/grain, and style information.
  • Added label image upload and display capabilities.
  • Added display preferences capability to give the user flexibility in displaying fluid amounts, weight amounts, bitterness, color scale, and temperature scale. Replaces BrewBlogger v1.x Metric.
May 19, 2006

Version 1.2

  • Added batch numbering for logs.
  • Added a Special Procedures section for recording unique/unusual brewing processes.
  • Added two more gravity recording fields between Original Gravity and Final Gravity.
  • Added a Conditioning field.
  • Added a bottling ABV adjustment calculation.
  • Tweaked the ABV calculation formula. Now more accurate.
  • Upadated available Styles to conform with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Guidelines.
  • Added Style reference information, accessed via specific style hyperlinks and by a "help" button.
  • Reworked the layout of the About page.
  • Reworked the layout of the Recipes page.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Excel Export link display
    • Adjunct data display error
April 18, 2006

Version 1.1

  • Added logout scripting that destroys the session.
  • Added alcohol by volume calculation scripting to log pages. If a user inputs a original gravity (OG) measurement and a final gravity (FG) measurement, the application will automatically calculate and display the alcohol content.
  • Added cursor focus scripting to all forms pages.
  • Updated gold.css file to a more pleasing color scheme.
  • Updated administration <title> tags for consistency.